Lead Generation

Data Solutions

  • Sponsored Telephone Survey Data
  • Lead Generation - Online
  • Lead Generation - Offline
  • Data Profiling
  • List Rental

Measuring Success

  • Data Planning
  • Direct Mailing Lists
  • Diverse Marketing Lists
  • Buying Agent
  • Client Database Building - Internal/External
  • Data Cleansing and Enhancement

Lead Generation

The key to successful campaigns is not only about the right data, the right product / service offering, the right price offered to an interested consumer via the right channel (and the weather may play some part in it as well)…so it’s important with so many variables to get the basics right. We work to a preferred supplier list of online & offline suppliers who we have tested / worked with previously to great success.

We offer our own tailored solution which can include our exclusive telephone survey data, online lead generation and online advertising.
Provide us with a budget to spend and we will tailor a media buying plan to suit your requirements which will be focused on delivering outstanding value. This can be a mix of media including email campaigns, online surveys, co-registration, online advertising including banners, skyscrapers, mobile marketing (enriched).

WGM will provide a bespoke landing page, fully branded and opted-in and will only charge on a qualified lead basis. Long form fills, short form fills…

Let us be your exclusive buyer to co-ordinate a process that let’s face it, is timely and you’ll be able to benefit from our economies of scale we achieve through buying for multiple clients.

Customer Generation

A Guaranteed Lower Cost Per Lead than other digital channels.

Customer Generation can be added to your marketing mix to help grow revenue and increase profitability. The cost per leads is agreed up front and is often lower than your current digital channels. External agencies traditionally run paid ad campaigns for your business and each month you are never sure how many leads will be generated. With customer generation you can choose how many leads you would like us to generate over a 1 week to 1 month period.

With our customer generation service we provide you with a minimum volume of leads at an agreed CPL.


We have developed our very own unique tracking and lead generation software giving us a competitive advantage. We use verification to ensure each lead is genuine and no false information has been given, saving you time and money.


Our team of digital marketing specialists are all Google Squared qualified and constantly keep up with industry leading techniques.
We also benefit from over 12 developers allowing us to develop new assets quickly. This agility gives us a unique advantage over many customer generation providers.


We can increase the overall ROI of your marketing spend and dramatically increase your customer base and profitability. You will be provided with your very own lead portal for total transparency. Access to leads will also be in real time with no transfer needed. Our campaigns and assets are also GDPR compliant and all campaigns are regularly checked by our GDPR compliance manager.


Sectors we’re having success in:


  • Over 50s
  • Hearing Aids
  • IT Services
  • Asset Trackers
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Mobility
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Software
  • Energy
  • Retails


WGM can be your one stop shop for lead generation, co-ordinating and buying the best media opportunities to drive your company’s sales forward.


We offer the following:


  • Our own dedicated telephone survey
  • Partner call centres (with full due diligence)
  • Native / Social Advertising (charged on a CPL)
  • CPA Email Campaigns
  • Banner Advertising CPL / CPM / CPC
  • Co-Registration through our partner network
  • Online question sponsorship
  • Bespoke Landing Pages branded exclusively
  • Excellent B2B data available
  • A PSL you can rely on!